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The mission of Lightspan Network is to link local halal supply chains to the global halal supply chain in order to reinforce further the mass market for halal products.

It is our core belief that the mass marketing of halal products and services is a relatively new yet potentially explosive economy whose intricate needs such as logistics, distribution and retail management must first be met well, and it is towards this end that Lightspan Network works.

We do this by working collaboratively in diverse teams alongside our partners. Emerging from the twin pillars of trust and integrity, Lightspan Network manages stakeholder interests, always nurturing close relationships with all participants including investors, communities, societies, customers as well as the public.

Lightspan Network goes beyond Halal Standards Certification; we traverse the entire halal value chain. Our goals are:

  • To promote the Halal Economy as a complementary developmental instrument by espousing fair and equitable trade in financial, social and natural capital
  • To provide market access to halal and non-halal foods trade through the development of the cross-border Halal Superhighway